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Passive Income

No Owner, No central control and no need to have faith because everything is controlled by public and blockchain. Buy DTT

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Know what is better in DTT than any other smart contract, and how DTT is going to help you grow your income.

Token Growth

With each buy DTT token will increase it's buying price. There is a specified formula which will be set in the smart contract for the users to see. This will benefit early investors who have seen the promise in DTT. You can refer your friends, or try affiliate to increase more demand and in return you will see growth in your holding.

Stake Revenue

If you hold the currency for a longer period of time, you are going to earn dividends on every single penny you hold. Stake proves your trust in the token and you get rewarded for keeping that trust alive by sharing to everyone that you think needs to benefit from this.

Refer-a-friend bonus

Get bonus awards on every level you add below you. Get referral bonus from your friends you referred as well as when they refer their friends. This system increases your rewarding upto 10 levels and keeps you engaged for a much longer time.
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We are much more layered than it can be presented on a single homepage. From the dashboard to the smart contract, everything is interconnected into a complex environment. Read our detailed working procedure and the idea behind DTT in a detailed Whitepaper. Download

Price Roadmap

The price will continue growing with the increase in demand. With every user it grows a little bit and with time the prices will grow to it's multiples.
  • 0.104 USD
    Upto 50,000 Tokens
  • 0.109 USD
    Upto 1,00,000 Tokens
  • 0.121 USD
    Upto 1,50,000 Tokens
  • 0.150 USD
    Upto 2,00,000 Tokens
  • 0.201 USD
    Upto 2,50,000 Tokens
  • 0.286 USD
    Upto 3,00,000 Tokens
  • 0.446 USD
    Upto 3,50,000 Tokens
  • 0.766 USD
    Upto 4,00,000 Tokens
  • 1.406 USD
    Upto 4,50,000 Tokens
  • 2.686 USD
    Upto 5,00,000 Tokens
  • 5.246 USD
    Upto 5,50,000 Tokens
  • 9.502 USD
    Upto 6,00,000 Tokens
  • 25.734 USD
    Upto 6,50,000 Tokens
  • 57.673 USD
    Upto 7,00,000 Tokens
  • 132.222 USD
    Upto 7,50,000 Tokens
  • 422.342 USD
    Upto 8,00,000 Tokens
  • 1402.270 USD
    Upto 8,50,000 Tokens
  • 4000.000 USD
    Upto 9,00,000 Tokens

Note: Contract Buy prices are with respect to Ether. These prices are predictive and can change based upon market price change in USD/ETH. Given prices are assumed with ETH/USD Rate $ 370.


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